Cañaveral Paradise

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Preparation Technique:



1 ½ Oz. Ron Cañaveral añejo
1 Oz. Carrot Juice
1 ½ Oz. Soursop Juice
1/4 Oz. Lemon Juice
½ Oz. Gum Syrup


In a cocktail shaker pour 1/4 Oz. Lemon Juice, 1/2 Oz. Gum Syrup, 1 Oz. Carrot Juice, 1 1/2 Oz. Soursop Juice,  1 1/2 Oz. Ron cañaveral Añejo, some ice and shake vigorously. Pour your Cañaveral Paradise in a hurricane glass filled with ice, garnish with some lemon peel (you can add an extra lemon slice to complete the decoration)... Cheers!