Electric Mojito

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electric mojito

Preparation Technique:

Maceration and shaken.


2  Oz. Ron Cañaveral Añejo

6  Spearmint leaves

½ Oz. Lemon Juice

½ Oz. Sugar Syrup

2  Spoons of passion fruit pulp

½ Oz. Blue Curacao

Soda Water to complete


In a cocktail shaker pour 6 spearmint leaves, 1/2 Oz. Lemon Juice, 1/2 Oz. Sugar Syrup and 2 spoons of passion fruit pulp. Macerate these ingredients with the help of a mortar. Then add 1/2 Oz. Blue Curacao, 2 Oz. Ron Cañaveral Añejo, some ice and shake vigorously. Pour your Electric Mojito in a large glass filled of ice, top with some water soda and garnish with a spearmint twig... Cheers!