Venezuelan Rum Créme (Press Note from Diario El Universal)

4Venezuelan Rum is the best in the world. Many can agree with this statement, as lots of experts worldwide do. That's why it's so satisfying to hear about projects carried out successfully around our flagship distillate.
The offer of rums in our country is extremely varied. Some are young, old and ultra premium, all really well crafted and of exceptional quality. Of course, if you take into account that to be called Venezuelan rum it must spend at least two years aging in barrels, it is unquestionable that the result of this premise are high class products.


However there are distilleries that doesn't leave it there but are dedicated to transform some of its pure rums in different products which also enchant national and international palates alike.

This is the case of Cañaveral Rum brand, which recently over a year ago launched the first Rum Créme developed in the country.

According to Daniel Moreno, Brand Manager for Cañaveral Rum, the development of its Rum Créme lasted two years; during that time hours of work were invested, involving many tests, samples, mixtures and tastings, to ensure that the product had the best balance. "You can say that our Rum Master Carlos Perez is the father of this child," he said.

Cañaveral Rum Créme is a mixture of Anejo rum, spices and cream. In the mouth it feels smooth, a balanced sweetness, and notes of cocoa and nuts can be perceived. It is perfect to be served straight from the refrigerator (as it does not freeze) in a short glass or a balloon glass.
It is also ideal for making cocktails with intense and exotic flavors. It's delicious!.

Since the Cañaveral Rum Créme came out in the national market it has been positively accepted, so much that in early August of 2015, the distillery sent it to the prestigious International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) in London, where it was recognized with an outstanding silver medal, automatically making it a reference in its liquor style worldwide.

Definitely, I'll never get tired of sharing these findings that we must take pride in as a country, where the effort of many people who are passionate about doing things in an outstanding way, manages to position ambassadors of our own sensations and flavors.

Cañaveral Rum Créme can be found in major supermarkets and liquor stores of the country, I hope that at some point it can also transcend our borders.