2nd International Congress of Distillates & IBA Trainers: Margarita 2015

not1The halls of the Venetur Hotel were the perfect setting where hotel management schools, culinary and bartending schools, tourist offices, customs brokers, importers, distillers, distributors of spirits, managers of bars, restaurants, liquor companies, brewers, sommeliers, bartenders, hotel staff, cooks and people linked to the gastronomic world came together.

Amongst the activities that took place in this occasion, were the elite workshop of the IBA Bar Management, from May 5th to 16th, with the support of Cañaveral Rum; tastings in May 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th for the ones who were looking to develop their organoleptic and sensory abilities, and the 2nd International Congress of Distillates, during May 13th to 15th, for general public, who obtained certificates of national and international validity, endorsed by the Rum University and the International Bartender Association IBA.

Throughout the event were international speakers from the Netherlands, Spain, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Italy, Peru and Colombia, along with distinguished representatives of the national industry.

It was also held the cooking competition ""Cooking with Spirits"" on May 14th, in which Cañaveral Rum backed the gastronomic cuisine school “Su guía gastronomica”, which got second place in the competition, and the National Championship of Bartenders ""A Cocktail for Margarita"", held on May 15th, which aimed to strengthen the research and development of the use of distillates in gastronomy and provide added value to tourism development in the region, it is worthy to acknowledge that the first prize was awarded with Cañaveral Rum's top product Special Reserve.