Launching of the First Venezuelan Rum Cream

1This product was launched on May 14th, 2014, after having a long development time of two years.

It was reached the ideal formulation of a very versatile cream liqueur, the result of the expert combination of authentic Venezuelan rum.

The species, vanilla, caramel and chocolate notes that seduce the palate are outstanding, giving the consumer an unforgettable experience.

1st International Congress of Distillates

3With the initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship of professional bartender Fidel Barrios and his brand Seven Bar, an idea has flourished about getting together distilleries, distributors, bartenders, restaurants and hotels, and all the people interested in getting deeper into the fascinant world of distillates. This is an unparalleled event which is named "1st International Congress of Distillates Valencia 2014", involving different categories of liquors such as rum, tequila, cocuy, pisco and many others.

At the Embassy Suites Hotel, located in the city of Valencia, was held the National Championship of Bartenders, with trophies to the top three places, rewarding the categories...


Relaunching of Cañaveral Rum to the Venezuelan market

2On November 14th of 2013, it was held at the Venezuela Room of Vistarroyo Restaurant in Caracas, the relaunching of Cañaveral Rum, with the presence of the Cañaveral product line distributor Hormann Durr, which were in charge of receiving and entertaining the media and special guests gathered to celebrate this event.

Genuine rum is born from sugar cane, through the production process of cane molasses which is transformed into
ethylic alcohol and this is aged for at least 2 years in oak barrels and when finally gets empty it gives us a rum with unique features.